“I've been doing this a long time just for me with an audience of one… It's a creative license to do anything anywhere you want.”

Born and raised overlooking the rugged Cornish coast, Tony has spent the last twenty five years transforming the landscape into beautiful works of art. His largescale organic, almost fractal works breathe new and unexpected life into the pristine sands, before being swallowed up by the ocean just hours later.

‘I make each drawing, understanding that it will be taken back by the sea or by the elements and then move onto the next space, taking whatever I’ve learnt from each previous space into the next.’

It’s this deep respect for the environment, not money, which drives Tony to create, and his talents have seen him transform beaches all over the world, including Scotland, France, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Spain and Sri Lanka.

And although these stunning works are now long gone, each one lives on in the minds of the lucky souls who laid eyes on them.