“It’s wonderful seeing highly skilled guitarists playing them - to hear somebody say my guitar has improved their playing, or that they’ve fallen in love with the sound, is great.”

Simon Ambridge became fascinated with guitars while growing up, and cobbled together his first from an old bit of sideboard. But by the time he was an art student in London – and a keen guitarist – he decided to have a proper go.

“I was forever staring into music shop windows, but I couldn’t afford to buy an expensive guitar,” he says. “I had the woodwork skills because I was making furniture, so I decided to make my own. I went to an evening class in instrument-making and the first one turned out pretty well.”

Simon moved to Devon, and Ambridge Guitars was born. He now exports instruments to Spain and only produces around eight each year. “To me, making a guitar is a bit like playing as a kid: you get immersed and lost in what you’re doing. I love it.”

Photography by Jody Daunton