“Keeping the faith is important. If you have a bad day but you still made a thing or learnt a thing, then it’s not bad. It’s all accumulating towards something.”

Siân studied silversmithing and jewellery in the late Eighties, but doing work experience with a coppersmith would start a lifelong passion. “It was a six-week placement that turned into a four-year apprenticeship,” she says. “And after that I set up my own studio.”

“In a lot of ways, modern life doesn’t have a conclusion. It’s never-ending scrolling through social media, and there’s always another email. I think that’s why I like the process of starting with a piece of metal, and ending with a piece of jewellery. You do get a sense of punctuation. There’s a beginning, middle and end, and that’s very therapeutic.”

The learning curve she’s still on is also hugely important to a rich life, says Siân. “Committing to something and putting in the hours is a key to being content.”

Photography by Suzy Bennett