“The demands of the trek, really puts you in the present. You haven’t got time to think about ordinary life or emails. And when you get to the top, it’s exhilarating. It’s like being on top of the world.”

A self-declared ‘ordinary mum of three’, Selina chose a unique pastime whilst away from work and family – leading expeditions up volcanoes around the world.

It’s an obsession that’s come a long way since she organised her first climb with friends in Indonesia, and Selina now confesses to being “addicted” to scaling craters. “You feel like you’re on living earth, and it’s an incredible sensation to be on top of something so powerful.”

Juggling everyday affairs at home in Andover with a passion for exploring the world’s most impressive volcanos, Selina’s can-do attitude perfectly illustrates that you don’t need to be a professional explorer to have truly awe-inspiring adventures.

Photography by Duncan Elliot