“I was nervous at first, but as the ceremony intensified and people chanted, laughed, projecting positive energy, I relaxed and fully immersed myself.”

At just 27, Sarah Begum found herself trekking through the Ecuadorian jungle with one purpose – to film the Huaroani tribe as they struggled to survive in the modern world.

She arrived at their village to be told that, in order to film, she’d have to marry one of the tribesmen. And so she did.

Sarah was welcomed into the tribe by the women, who taught her how to weave, and by the male warriors, who showed her how to hunt with a spear – a world away from her daily life in the UK.

Amazon Souls was later shown at the Cannes Film Festival to critical acclaim and Sarah has since travelled to Venezuela, Morocco and Ethiopia to document the reality there.

Photographer: Paul Blunder for the Guardian.