“I am happy if I am creating something with my hands…I prefer doing something, having an experience rather than buying possessions.”

There can be few artisans as original as Dinara Kasko. A Ukrainian architect who originally studied the geometry of buildings and furniture, Dinara embarked on an ambitious mid-career change when she decided to apply the things she’d learned at university to baking cakes.

Inspired by her architectural past, Dinara utilizes 3D-modelling technologies to create geometric silicon cake moulds. But rather than building with steel, concrete or glass, her constructions consist of meringue, gelatine and chocolate.

And whilst Dinara has only been baking a short time, the results have been nothing short of astonishing. These intricate, precise creations are not mere cakes: they are edible art, and an outlet for Dinara’s creativity in her search for a richer life.

Photography by Joan Tomas & Dmytriy Khoroshaev
Location – The City of Arts and Science Valencia