San Miguel Gluten Free

Inspired by the original ingredients and flavour of San Miguel Especial, we’ve worked to reduce the gluten content and create a characterful beer that can be enjoyed by all.

Technical info

E.O. (ºP): 13
Alcohol (%v/v): 5.4
Bitterness (IBU): 28
Colour (EBC): 8.0

Serving temperature

Between 4º-6º C.

Alcohol content

5.4% ABV

Gluten Free


Water, Barley Malt, Maize, Hops.


Light gold colour, bright in appearance, and creamy, consistent foam.


San Miguel Gluten Free has flavours of white bread, fruit, white fruits and honey. The beer is balanced with an intense body and a pleasant bitter bottom note.


Delicate aromas of white fruits, banana and apple are present with a slight nuance of white bread and a floral base.

Nutrition information


A blend of hops giving a floral base and moderate bitterness. The hops used are of varieties originating in the region of Hallertau in Bavaria (south of Germany) and Oregon in the USA.


Combination of Pilsen and roasted malts, from select barley. These give the light gold colour, while providing a nuance of cereal and notes of white bread.


This gives the fruity aromas: white fruits, banana and green apple.


San Miguel Gluten Free is well suited to spicy or highly flavoured food, the ideal beer for accompanying tomato and avocado or beetroot gazpacho, lightly dressed or grilled vegetables, grilled or marinated fish and potato salad or spicy potatoes.