San Miguel 0,0

San Miguel 0,0 is a pilsner style alcohol free lager imported from Spain.

We believe that alcohol free shouldn’t mean flavour free, so open a San Miguel 0,0 and discover its rich flavours for yourself.

Technical info

E.O. (ºP): 6.1
Alcohol (%v/v): <0.04
Bitterness (IBU): 25
Colour (EBC): 8.5

Serving temperature

Between 4º-6º C.

Alcohol content

Not more than 0.04% ABV



Water, Barley Malt, Carbon Dioxide, Hops, Flavourings.


Golden, brilliant appearance with creamy, persistent foam.


Appreciable but moderate aromas of herbs and hop flowers with hints of grain and cereal. New aromatic flavours of grain and hops reappear on the palate, complemented by moderately intense bitterness and a slightly sweet finish. The texture is agreeable, with a sensation of light but balanced body.

Nutrition information


Different varieties of hops of European and North American origin are used to make San Miguel 0,0. The carefully controlled proportions of bitter and semi-aromatic varieties determine the characteristic floral and herbal aromas, while generating moderate and high-quality bitterness.


San Miguel 0,0 is made with two types of malt. Select Pilsen malt, which provides grain and cereal aromas and determines the stability and creaminess of its foam. A small proportion of coloured malt, more deeply roasted, is also used, which adds a darker tone to the golden colour.


San Miguel 0,0 is well suited to light dishes such as salads.