“It’s truly fulfilling. Adventure psychology is all about developing a mindset in which you can be positive, despite not knowing the circumstances that lie ahead.”

A few years ago author, coach and adventurer, Paula Reid, began to draw up what she calls a Live Life To The Full List, and has since completed over 100 adventures. These have ranged from skiing to the South Pole – to smaller wishes such as attending Glastonbury and publishing poems.

Paula promotes the benefits of “adventure psychology” and doing good deeds. “It can be a selfish thing, helping other people – because it benefits you so much mentally!”

“We might be bound by time, money, a family – the thing is to be realistic. When you write an actual list, it increases your motivation to complete it. It can be something as small as watching a sunset, something free. You realise that what makes these special moments happen is deciding to seek them.”

Photography by Jody Daunton