“I’ve done several [adventures] from London, where you head out after work, camp in a forest or by a lake, then go back into the office the next morning. I find that escapism gives me the energy to stick with work.”

Back in 2015, Olie Hunter Smart was doing well in the world of digital marketing. But he was “working all hours, not seeing friends, not making the most of life”. And so he decided to make a change.

Since then he’s taken part in the Amazon River Run and traversed India on a seven and a half month trip on foot. “When you travel solo, you’re more approachable,” he says. “Again, the way the cultures, religions and peoples changed, from the Himalayas to the plains, was fascinating. People told me incredible stories, and I was invited to stay in their homes. It was very fulfilling”

Olie believes that everybody can introduce variety into their lives through “micro-adventures”. “The idea is getting away for a day, or just an evening, into the wild.”

Photography by Jody Daunton