“I feel fortunate, but I also know that I’ve created my opportunities. I always say, ‘Think big, dream bigger.’”

After trading a career in graphic design for a life of adventure, including working as a camerawoman in New Zealand and riding across Mongolia on horseback, it’s Holly’s focus on elephants and ivory that has become her true passion.

Now she makes jewellery out of vegetable ivory, from a palm tree nut in South America, a material she calls “amazingly beautiful”.

Having discovered how many elephants are being slaughtered for their tusks, she began the How Many Elephants project, supporting frontline anti-poaching projects in South Africa.

Showcasing her beautiful sculptures, Holly has also put on an exhibition illustrating 35,000 elephants – the number killed by poachers each year, which has been seen by over 1,000 people.

Photography by Jody Daunton