“I dislike that the world is turning into a fabricated, commercial world where you are told what to do. Everything is prefabricated down to the tracks of the rainforest. That doesn’t work for me – I’ve always felt compelled to tread my own path and see the world in my own way.”

As a young carpenter, Göran craved the rawness of the ocean. After learning everything he’d need to make it happen, he cut free from the norm and set out on a lifelong journey of discovery.

If it’s everyday, it doesn’t excite Göran. Many of the places he dives are outstandingly beautiful and many of the animals he works closely with are ones few people have captured underwater before.

Göran still describes his expeditions as being ‘the easy parts’, whilst giant octopus and sperm whales are just a few of the beautiful and mysterious creatures he wants to document in his future travels.