This year we’re celebrating 130 years of richer experiences with our new limited edition glassware and packaging.

Expressed in an abstract artistic style, the design depicts our never-ending pursuit of rich experiences since our journey began back in 1890, from our tropical origins in the Philippines through every corner of the world to Spain. Take a moment to explore the adventures we’ve been on over a beer with friends.

Here’s to the next 130 years exploring the world. Salud!

Limited Edition Packaging
Limited Edition


As the name suggests, Trópico celebrates our journey through the Tropics.

It all started in Manila, Spain’s colonial capital in the Philippines, in 1890. Back then, it was a lively place, and also the crossing point of liberal ideas. Born out of some of these conversations with our friends and like-minded explorers, we decided to open the first brewery in Southeast Asia. It was in this moment that San Miguel was born.

For our next stop, we crossed the sea and anchored in Hong Kong. We introduced our beer to new friends and a population of tea drinkers – they loved it.

We couldn’t have said we journeyed through the tropics without talking about Africa. It was here that we savoured rich experiences after travelling through jungles, deserts and even savannahs. These memories always come back to us whenever we take a sip of San Miguel and enjoy the fruity aroma of white fruits and banana.

Limited Edition


Cascada is, quite simply, a celebration of water.

When you’ve crossed rivers, seas, and oceans it really makes you appreciate water and how it plays an integral part to everything. Especially when it comes to making our beer. Without good water, it’s impossible to grow great hops. And without great hops, you wouldn’t have that great floral based aroma which people like so much in our beers.

This crisp, refreshing taste was particularly popular when we first introduced San Miguel back home in Spain in 1957. It was the first time our families and friends could taste our beer. Turns out it goes pretty well with tapas.

Limited Edition


Sierra means ‘mountain range’ in Spanish.

It represents all the landscapes and expanses we’ve traversed in the last 130 years as we’ve tried to find new paths, new flavours, and make new friends. Spending time in Europe brought us closer to nature and really made us appreciate how the locals look after their land. They imparted invaluable knowledge like how to grow and harvest our barley and our hops – all flavours you can taste in our beer.

Whilst we were happy to be on home soil, navigating those landscapes also gave us a lot of time to think about the journey we had been on, the discoveries we had made and the people we had met along the way.