San Miguel Selecta

The culmination of nearly 130 years of exploration, San Miguel Selecta takes its inspiration from every corner of the globe to create a flavour that’s both rich and distinctive.

Technical info

E.O. (ºP): 15
Alcohol (%v/v): 6.2
Bitterness (IBU): 32
Colour (EBC): 18

Serving temperature

Between 5º-7º C.

Alcohol content

6.2% ABV



Bright golden-amber colour and thick, consistent foam.


It has a medium to strong aroma with notable hints of fresh fruit, mixed with the smooth toasted notes of malt and a slightly dry fragrance. In tasting, the cereal aromas are intensified, supported by subtle floral notes.


Pronounced bitterness on the palate, with a sensation of fullness and balanced body. It is a beer with a soft finish on the palate, slightly dry and with hints of malt.


Bouquet of three Central European hop varieties, which provide the pronounced bitterness and give it a floral touch.


A combination of malts with three different levels of roasting to give aroma, flavour and scent, as well as the characteristic golden-amber colour.


The yeast gives subtle aromas of fresh fruit.


San Miguel Selecta is well suited to rich flavoured foods including game meat and chocolate based desserts.