“Connect with what surrounds us, this is what music does.”

Olaf Gutbrod aka Ohm-G has been composing music since he got his first guitar at the age of 9. As a true explorer, his musical journey has led him to many different places. He composes music for art performances, theater and movies. He recorded voices in Africa and India and composed his sample CD “Spiritual Voices”, which soon became well known.

He released 6 Solo Albums and produced in England and Germany until he moved to Ibiza in 2002. Inspired by the spirit of the island and its active music scene, he then composed a large amount of very popular tracks compiled in several Café del Mar and Hotel Costes CDs. He is well known globally for many for his chill out tracks that can be downloaded and streamed. During several years, he´s been a resident DJ at Atzarò Ibiza and produces their CD compilations. Since 2007, he focuses more and more on dance music and composes his own sets, which he performs live.

At Casa San Miguel Ibiza, he will be in charge of the music of the Exploratorium, where his sound creations inspired by Ibiza will be intertwined with gastronomy and visual art to make a unique pairing with our variety of San Miguel beers.