“Cooking means passion, producing and caring.”

After finishing his studies at the Culinary School of Granada, he began working at different restaurants throughout Spain, seeking excellence and experience working next to professionals of renowned prestige.

In addition to completing different courses imparted by the best cooks and bakers, in the year 2000, he won a contest for young cooks in the Valencian Community and as a result, he represented the Valencian Community at the prestigious “BocouseD’Or” Cooking Contest.

Following that, he opened his own restaurant and for 5 years in a row, he was recognised by the “BibGourmad” and was awarded by the Michelin Guide while being included in the best culinary guides of the country. He has also collaborated as a member of the “Inva.Tour” cooking laboratory advisory council of the Valencian Community and was the President of the Chefs of Benidorm and district association.

Currently, he is looking for new challenges and enjoy his job as a member of “The Chef Ibiza” team; as Catering and Private Chef.