“When you step inside a maze, it has an effect on you that…cannot be expressed in sentences, numbers or digits. It is, I really do believe, a sort of magic.”

Led by Adrian Fisher, The Maze Makers are the world’s most distinguished maze designers. Over the years, these masters of deception have designed over 700 mazes in 40 countries and know exactly how to twist, turn and bewilder you.

They have created every kind of maze imaginable – from simple hedges, to head-high fields of maize to baffling, hi-tech caverns with flashing lights and bewildering worlds of mirror mazes. But Adrian and his team don’t plan on stopping yet, as their burning curiosity drives them to create more and more innovative designs.

Their creations are social experiences, designed to be interacted with, and the Maze Makers always have the people who will be exploring the mazes in mind. Their greatest talent is knowing how to perfectly blend the intrigue of exploration with the satisfaction that comes from finding your way.

Photography by Sam Barker