“I guess it harks back to what my father said to me… stick to what you enjoy and you’ll end up doing something you love.”

James Otter’s surfboards are the result of the shared twin passions of surfing and fine woodworking craftsmanship, with a strong nod to the planet that we live on.

After sourcing timber from local Cornish woodlands, each and every product goes through an 80 hour-long process that blends the best of old and new; traditional materials and techniques with modern refinements, creating unique boards.

With a background in designing and making award-winning furniture, James turns his skills to crafting wooden surfboards, alongside running workshops for others to learn how to make their own boards. In just a few days, a humble plank of wood is crafted into a finely-tuned instrument ready to take on the waves.

Photography by Jody Daunton