“Trying new things and experimenting are important – it’s what life is all about”

It was whilst collecting driftwood to make chairs that Full Grown founder Gavin Munro first had the idea that would change his life; Every day we plant thousands of trees, only to cut them down and butcher them to fit our preconceived ideas of furniture. Why not just start from growing the tree from the beginning?

And so Gavin and his team at Full Grown began working with trees to bend and guide their branches into beautiful pieces of “living” furniture. With their first prototype taking over five years to grow, Full Grown have since mastered how to create chairs, lamps, tables or “anything you can imagine”.

With each and every one uniquely shaped by nature, Full Grown’s chairs are a shining example of what can be done when we choose to embrace nature rather than fight it.

Photography by Jody Daunton