“There’s an increased need for the physical, for making things, to compensate for too much time in front of screens. People want provenance, and objects with meaning.”

Mark Reddy has had numerous creative careers: as a magazine illustrator, a prop maker for TV shows, and an art director for creative agencies. But he became disillusioned and found himself on a quest to simplify his life, and return to making things for his own enjoyment. And the object he chose? The humble spoon.

“The spoon is arguably mankind’s first vessel,” he says. “It is universal, humble, and has all the attributes of a sculptural object – the bowl, lip and stem. It’s complex, intimate and positive, a utensil with a function to nourish and give life. It’s both practical and symbolic. But ultimately, it’s just a spoon.”

“I spend my days carving in bliss, and enjoy everything I make. And one day, I’ll make a good spoon!”

Photography by Jody Daunton